Elite Chronicle was built with the dream of making news, entertainment and media accessible. The paper aims at providing news and content that is relevant to the current situations and aid in making informed decisions and choices. Our founder Sayendra states: “Journalism is a very powerful tool. It can make or break nations. Our job as members of the media is to provide unadulterated content and this what me and my team aim for. We will launch soon and hope to create a cornerstone in Indian journalism”.

The paper aims at blurring the lines between news and consumer media. News is something we all need. Why not make it fun and digestible for everyone?. The network aims to have open departments of media as every aspect of news is just as important to readers, be it current affairs, finance, gaming or even the latest trends in the fashion week.

Elite Chronicle strives to present facts over fiction, truth over doubts and information over conclusion. Our job is to present you with the facts and it is you, our dear readers who shape these facts into opinions to guide you in the world. Based in the heart of the city of joy, Kolkata, our team of eager journalists and writers work hard to bring to you content you deserve.

We don’t just give you news or an article. We strive to tell you a story supported by facts, figures and backgrounds. Our team of fact-checkers work hard to make sure every article leaving our editorial board meets the journalistic standards and are true to their word, origin and content.

Elite Chronicle is a subsidiary of Elite Media.

Disclaimer : Press Releases are third party articles are sent to us for publication. Our editorial and staff team have no involvement and ratification of the article and cannot guarantee it’s certainty or truthfulness. Any actions taken on the basis of press releases or any other articles are voluntary and the reader/user is solely liable for any consequences herein.


  1. To create an accessible and relevant space for news and important updates to be consumed and accessed by all
  2. To bring to our readers the information they deserve
  3. To uphold our fundamental rights and speak up when needed to
  4. To never bow down to fear


Sayendra Basu, chief editor and founder of Elite Chronicle. A passionate writer and an award-winning serial entrepreneur, he has been making waves in the media and entertainment sector in recent years. CEO, Elite FM, Elite Chronicle, MD, Elite Media Group.

Chandril Chattopadhyay, Senior Advisor, Editorial Board, is an accomplished writer, author and journalist with half a decade of experience working with some of the biggest media giants with forays in entertainment, law, media and journalism.

Indranil Basu, Financial Advisor, Editorial Board, is an industry expert on finance and Mutual Funds with over 30 years of experience working at the heart of the finance industry and providing instrumental advice on market trends and developments

Ritam Saha, Healthcare Advisor, working in the role of Executive Director for Theism Diagnostics, the healthcare arm of the Theism Group.As Director of Government Alliances, responsible for liaising with government clients.