The much awaited trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is out now!

The trailer drops huge hints about the setting and context for GTA VI, like :

  • It’s based in Vice City
  • We see a Tommy Vercetti likeness in Jason in the trailer
  • A new character named Lucia is introduced

The game is set to release in 2025

Vice City from the trailer / Source: Rockstar Games

We can only assume that the popular characters from Vice City like Sonny Forelli, Ken Rosenberg and the infamous Mercedes might be back again or mentioned in some form or the other. Fans also hope they get to enter Tommy’s infamous mansion or even the Ocean View Hotel

The trailer, which was supposed to be out later was released earlier due to unofficial leaks, as confirmed by Rockstar games themselves:

The infamous Vice City is back again to take the eagerly awaiting gamers by storm

Vice City

GTA VI has been a much awaited series in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and fans across the globe cannot keep calm, despite rumours that this might be the final game in the series


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