Hitesh Rikki Madan comes out with his 6th single TU BATAA, this time a collaboration with his sons. Tu Bataa is a quintessential Gen Z love story waiting to unfurl: boy is smitten, will she want to make it a night to remember? With high energy performances and a video to match, it features Arriv on vocals & bass, Advay on vocals & drums and Hitesh on vocals & guitars.

Hitesh Rikki Madan is a Delhi based guitar playing singer, songwriter, multi award winning artist, composer, performer , music producer, music educator and the founder/frontman of EKA (Delhi based Award Winning Swatantra Rock Band),  his solo venture- HRM. Hitesh started his career in music at the age of 17 as lead guitarist for Euphoria, contributing significantly towards all their albums between 1998-2010 (Dhoom, Phir Dhoom, Gully, Mehfuz and Redhoom) and even engineered many recordings for Euphoria at his recording studio, ARIA The Studio (previously known as Rikki’s Workstation). Now, the musical genius is joined by his very own sons in a series of sensational hits.

Ariv and Advay have started out in their music careers, performing as a duo as well as with father, Hitesh Rikki Madan. Their duo acoustic set with Ariv on guitar & vocals, and Advay on cajon & vocals, has had a terrific response at the events they’ve performed. They have also collaborated with Hitesh on many of his originals, some already released and many in the pipeline. Both the boys have been getting formal training in music since childhood, but the turning point in their lives was the concerts they staged from their balcony during lockdown in 2020, when they decided that music is what they would pursue as a career. They have played at DCAC college, Lost Lemons (Gurgaon), Hard Rock Cafe, online events for corporates, colleges and schools. 

Arriv’s distinctive voice opens the song, moving to Hitesh’s dulcet vocals and then Advay’s husky baritone. It’s a dynamically rich track with rap-like spoken verses, lilting pre chorus, full-throttle voices backed by overdrive distortion guitar in the high energy chorus, and interspersed with three-part harmonies, all culminating in this sublime composition. It is interesting to note how the kids’ voices have transformed with age since their last song release Aao Naa in 2021. The music video for the song was premiered at the prestigious Clef Music Awards, with Hitesh Rikki Madan having been past winners for the best artist, best composer, best solo performance and so on. The distinguished audience at the awards was full of praises and cheers as their smashing single played across the big screen for all to marvel

In launching his teenage sons, Hitesh comes full circle; he was also 19 when, as part of Euphoria, Dhoom was released in 1998. The members of this father-son trio complement each other, each being gifted uniquely and playing his strength to bring a fresh, new-age sound to this out-and-out rock song, Tu Bataa. Hooky guitar riffs, a heartwarming groovy bassline and punchy drums bring alive the track, springing surprises in every line.

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