The 10th of December witnessed Kolkata’s first ever Cryptocurrency meet and session hosted by Paxful, one of the industry leading peer to peer based cryptocurrency platform and application at the Westin Rajarhat. The event was hosted by Mekala and Shubham, representatives of Paxful who led an eventful session that covered the wonderful applications of Bitcoin along with the new and secure features of Paxful which was concluded by a hearty dinner for all guests invited.

Paxful’s first India meet was held in Kolkata amidst a rise in cryptocurrency aficianados

The event kick-started with a message from the CEO of Paxful, Ray Youssef and keynotes by Artur Schaback, the CFO. The members discussed the values of Bitcoin, one of the frontrunners of the cryptocurrency race and how its global impact connected millions of lives, empowering small businesses and big corporates. The discussion was followed by an in-depth look into the Paxful app and platform, which is a secure P2P network, giving control in the hands of the buyers and sellers, giving a wholly decentralized approach to cryptocurrency and ensuring digital freedom.

The features of lightning network, a small term instant payment solution with minimal charges was also discussed in depth, proving a striking win over other competing platforms and offering quick and reliable transfer of funds to users. The discussion was followed by an engaging QnA session where key user feedback was taken for further improvements and development, a first in the industry, right in the city of joy – Kolkata. The evening was concluded by a grand dinner and distribution of exciting merchandise to all the participants who were a part of the new digital movement.

Shubham and Mekala talking about Paxful’s features

So, what are you waiting for? Take out your phone, download Paxful and be a part of the growing wave of millions who build and empower cryptocurrency! Kolkata is gradually becoming the hub for major digital advances and a serious contender for the silicon valley of India. Watch out, folks – Kolkata is coming! Keep using Paxful and don’t forget to tag us @elitechronicle to get featured on our social media!

If you want to listen to the full interview, click here



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