“There is direct correlation between a society lacking in artistic vision to lack of social conscience, i.e., crime, poverty and senseless, violent atrocities, materialism.”-  Vanna Bonta.

Female criminality has increased from 5.4% in 2001 to 6.2% in 2011. Most crimes like female criminality are a blurry reflection of the mal-adjustment in society. A lot of mal-adjustments (like rape, outrage of modesty, child sexual abuse, workplace sexual harassment, and domestic violence) have resulted from gender stereotypes. Usually, this gender-based violence against women starts at an early age. Violence faced from an early age moulds the human brain to have less empathy and makes them more prone to being criminals. This female criminality has posed serious threats to pregnant inmates and their children. Female criminality and its side effects is not a frequently discussed subject. It is a growing aspect that needs to ‘charm’ the attention of the policy makers and health professionals.

Most common female crimes are offences against the person. Deriving from these theories we see that some blame feminism, modernity or maladjustment as the reason for female criminality increase. We can say all are true partially. But with changing times and development, there will be certain boon and bane. We can only try to understand whether the bane outweighs the benefits of the development. What we need to for is the remedies to control this bane of development by more evolved policies.

The major remedies to female criminality are:- Policymakers should implement policies supporting families. Also uniform education is a means to reduce female criminality.

The perspective of the problem of imprisonment varies largely from woman to man. At a glance, the problems of a female criminal are – lack of family contact, lack of education and healthcare, higher proportion of women prisoners with a history of abuse, adverse impact on the pregnant criminal’s child after birth, etc.

“As the children of our nation are our future and their mothers are their guardians”

According to Indian Jail, children up to 6 years can stay with the mother when she gets imprisoned. Various countries have the tendency of taking mother and child together. But it is preferred to separate them. Either way, it has shown the deficient and lagging system for development of these children.

These children show a great inability to interact with other children of their age. Also, these children have a greater tendency to be criminals due to social stigma and early social life impairment. Major violation of rights of these prison confined children, are precarious for these children. Every child is one building brick of the nations. Something so precarious for children only slows down a nation’s development.

Here the mothers being criminals fail the children. The nations when don’t second with a vigilant backup support for imprisoned mothers children, the nation even fails these children.

Even without major information, we see in our near surroundings the violence against women. Women face psychological, physical, sexual, financial violence from an early age systematically. One in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence from their close one’s in their life time. International day for the elimination of violence against women is 25th November. It is a Human Right imperative to end violence against women. Some examples of violence against women are rape, trafficking, sexual exploitation, stalking, sexual harassment, forced abortion, unequal wages, restriction from working in certain jobs, forced quarantine, inadequate health care, etc.

The main causes of violence and dominance of females are due to historically unequal power relations, control of women’s sexuality, cultural ideology, the doctrine of privacy, the doctrine of conflict overshadowing women’s suffering.

The remedy to violence against women is Education, spreading awareness and criminalizing.

 A criminal is not born a criminal. They become a criminal after facing social pressure. So, efforts must be made to socialize and correct these individuals. The crimes of women differ from males. Female crimes are more crimes against people. So these women become criminals by accident or are victims of situations. Thus, “As the children of our nation are our future and their mothers are their guardians”, we must systematically work for better tomorrow. Literacy and better lifestyle in the general industrial level have shown signs of reducing female criminality.


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