Five new side hustles to earn money in 2023

A side hustle is a way to earn extra income outside of your regular job, and there are many opportunities...

Social Media Depression : A look behind the dazzling world of perfection

Social media has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives, connecting us to friends and family. However, as the use of social media has increased, so too have concerns about its impact on mental health, particularly depression.

Violence against women from an early age results in female criminality, a torment on...

“There is direct correlation between a society lacking in artistic vision to lack of social conscience, i.e., crime, poverty and...

CCU festival reimagines a modern city of Joy

Make Calcutta Relevant Again held its first ever edition of the much awaited CCU Festival on the 29th of October...

A unique Women’s day : Theism Diagnostics hosts free health camp at Metro Station

Theism Diagnostics is one of India’s premiere healthcare networks with a horde of diagnostic centres across Kolkata as well as...
photo of cup near flat screen television

Economics Behind The Netflix Effect

Imagine this, it’s a lazy Sunday evening and you just had a great dinner. Today, you have planned to watch...

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