SIESONS- overall fest of SIES COLLEGE, Nerul was celebrated in a propitious manner on 16th and 17th february 2024.

The main fest was inaugurated on the first dayin the morning under the presence of a dcp and sr. Jacob orlando followed lighting of the lamp, bharatnatyam, punjabi folk dance, marathi dance and lyrical dance, and speech by the general secretary smriddhi sharma. It was followed by many events organized by the LA team, Fa team and crossovers teams. The upbeat tempo and the feeling of anticipation all around created an electrifying atmosphere for all present!

Numerous events like paintball, area 51,escape room, money heist, box cricket, score head were conducted. Not to forget, singing and dance events were held simultaneously. The fulvous evening was commenced with beautiful portrayal in the form of fashion show followed by the main event dj wars.The judge of the day was Trapperx who after a couple of opening sets, performed and the whole crowd was dancing to it.

The second day really picked up from the afternoon when there was a showcase of talents in the form of beatboxing and rap. Also the stalls and standees were a sight to watch and a treat to enjoy.The renowned actor harshwardhan rane was present for his upcoming film and entertained the onlookers. Finally the stage was set, vibe was created, audience were eager and the atmosphere heavenly.

The main act of SIESONS was the one and only -Ankit tiwari. Possessing a melliflous voice, and efficacious mix of songs he took over. He really flaunted his versatility as the audience sailed over the wave of melancholic, despondent vibes to a jolly, feel good vibe, to a dancy, groovy vibe and to end it with a we’re the best and it all ends here vibe. With an active participation of nearly 2000-3000 people. The area was packed until he signed off.The event concluded with a final speech and chant by the core team.


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