Kolkata, March 27 2024 – In an effort to promote awareness of intellectual property rights within the music industry and to educate music creators and independent artists about essential aspects of the music business and publishing, The Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS), representing authors, composers, and publishers of music, has initiated a nationwide campaign titled ‘My Music My Rights’. As part of this campaign, IPRS conducted an interactive workshop, “My Music My Rights, Creators Connect” program, in collaboration with Dolby Labs in Kolkata. This marks a significant milestone in IPRS’s commitment to supporting and empowering music creators across the country.

The event saw many music creators eager to learn

A recent study by EY, titled ‘The Music Creator Economy: The Rise of Music Publishing in India’, highlighted the challenges faced by music creators despite India’s annual production of 20,000 original songs. Financial constraints and the need for improved music production skills and monetization strategies were common among creators, with only 60% achieving their goal of making a living solely from music. The “My Music, My Rights” campaign addresses these challenges by providing workshops, seminars, and other activities, both online and offline, to empower creators to navigate the music industry intricacies effectively.

The informative panel provided a crucial insight into music and songwriting

The event featured engaging conversations with domain experts and eminent creators, and insights from industry stakeholders and panellists,  Mr. Jeet Gannguli – Music Director, Singer, Label Owner and IPRS Board Member, Dr Upali Chattopadhyay – Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Label Owner, Educator, Poet, Mr. Siddhartha Sankar Ray (Sindhu) – Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Poet, Mr. Keshab Dey – Singer-Songwriter, Independent Artist, Mr. Padmanabhan NS – Head of Artist & Label Partnership – Spotify India, Mr. Karan Grover – Senior Director – India, Middle East & Africa, Dolby Labs, Mr. Kaushik Dutta – Founder and President, MusiConnect Asia, and Mr. Prashant Dogra – CEO Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL), were present at the event.

Independent artists and music creators from Kolkata and surrounding regions were present at the workshop, which offered them unique platform to gain insights on songwriting, managing rights and royalties, advanced sound production techniques with Dolby Atmos, and explored the journey of artists in the music industry. This event also facilitated networking opportunities for the attendees, fostering potential collaborations and future opportunities. This immersive experience left participants equipped with the tools and inspiration necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Jeet Ganguli, Singer, Composer, Label Owner & IPRS Board of Director “As a composer I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by music creators in navigating the complexities of the industry. Initiatives like ‘My Music My Rights’ not only educate but also empower music creators to protect their IPs and assert their rights. Through collaboration and collective action, we can create a more equitable and sustainable environment for music creators to thrive.”

Sharing his views, on the campaign Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS mentioned, “As the music industry reaches new heights, songwriters, composers, and independent creators must be well-versed about their rights and equipped to build sustainable careers. At IPRS, we prioritize empowering music creators through education and know-how. Recognizing the rich musical heritage and the immense value of music in our lives, let’s acknowledge our collective responsibility as a nation to support, nurture and foster the music of our land towards a thriving and enduring future.”

The “My Music My Rights” campaign reaffirms IPRS’s commitment to supporting and empowering music creators across India. With upcoming workshops planned in cities across the country in the coming weeks, IPRS aims to reach a wider audience and foster a more inclusive and equitable music ecosystem.

About IPRS:

IPRS is the Music Copyright Society in India registered under the Copyright Act, 1957 representing the authors, composers, and publishers of music. It counts nearly 14,000 of India’s best-known authors, composers, and music publishers as its members. IPRS is authorized under the Copyright Act, 1957 to carry on the business of issuing and granting of licenses in respect of musical works and literary works associated with musical works assigned to it by its members. These revenues are collected and distributed to its members including the authors’ statutory royalties after deducting its administrative expenses for the exploitation of the works either by way of live performances and/or sound recordings through any medium except when shown as a part of a cinematograph film shown in a cinema hall.


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