Aranya Das is an upcoming director from Kolkata, the city of Joy, with a unique and powerful narrative through his debut short film, Phire Aasa.

Phire Aasa is story of a couple who are married for two years when sudden paranormal activities changed the situation of their love life and their married life was almost shattered. The short film traces the journey of how they overcome and combat the situation to lead a normal life.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release as Aranya promises to deliver an exciting and interesting perspective in the genre for amateur short films

Name of Short Film- Phire Aasa.

Producer & Director- Aranya Das

Story- Ruma Bhattacharya

Script- Suhita C Das

Vidoegrapher- Aranya Das

Editor– Aranya Das


Akash Kr Mondal
Shorya Modak
Sagnik Moulik
Suryadipta Nath


Subhojit Bhattacharya
Fiona Sarkar
Raju Yadav

Trailer Link-

Release date- 14th October 2023 (Mahalaya)

Production Team link-

Aranya Das –


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