Friendship is one of the purest bond on the earth and Mumbai based playback singer, composer and songwriter Ishaan Nigam releases his new single “Yaari Ke Dhaage” on August 4th, 2023 in collaboration with lyricist and composer Brite Roy. The song celebrates the beauty of purest bond of friendship and is an ode to every friend on this Friendship Day. The song will take a listener to the nostalgic lanes of the best times they had with their friends.

Ishaan Nigam is a singer-songwriter and a live performer based out in Mumbai who has mesmerized the people with his soulful voice. Hailing from Bahraich, UP, he aspires to become a playback singer. He is masters in Indian Classical Music and also a KMMC(AR Rahman Music College) alumni. In 2018, he made his debut in Telugu music industry with a devotional song Kotah Pantah, composed by Josyabathla Sarma telecasted on SVBC channel under the supervision of M.M. Keeravani and K.L. Raghavendra Rao.

Ishaan Nigam and Brite Roy

Featuring the minimal instrumentation, lyric first melody and deeply performed vocals makes the song worth listening and highly relatable. The song has a singer-songwriter vibe with easy listening and happy vibes. The song packs a powerful punch is a fond and nostalgic reminder of the good times. This is definitely one song to look out for and have on repeat on your playlists!

Singer / Vocal Arrangements : Ishaan Nigam
Lyricist-Composer : Brite Roy
Guitars, Ukulele : Sourabh Joshi
Bass Programming : Sagar Godavaria
Mix-Master : Bhaskar Sarma @ EM Square Studios
AI Image Generation : Gurleen Kaur
Artwork : Ishaan Nigam


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