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ER’s “Lamhaaton” is a fierce Journey of musical Resilience


Lamhaaton is an alternative rock song by an Independent artist “ER”, where the lyrics speak about losing yourself in the process of losing someone, but still wishing well for them irrespective of whatever happened. The track is a mix of vintage pianosounds and guitar riffs that resonate well with the passion expressed in that song.

Abhishek Saxena, also recognised as “ER”, is a multi-genre Record Producer and Singer-Songwriter from India. His music is like a hint of old school Blues and Rock, and with a pinch of modern day Pop and Electronic. He aims to create a sound that sounds different, but still “resonates with the masses.”

Lamhaaton starts with a vintage piano riff on which the whole song is based. That piano riff was the first riff to be played and it was kept as it was. It never changed because the emotion carried by it hit on the very first time of playing and hearing it. The same melody was the chorus melody and also the guitar solo portion.

“Kyun anjaane thhe hum unn saari baaton se
Kyun parey thhe hum apne jazbaaton se
Ab kaise yeh bataayein aur kin alfaazon se
Ki haan, bebas huye hum
In Lamhaaton mein”

When asked about the inspiration and the idea behind the song, ER said: “When I was going through the heartbreak, I had so many questions for myself. Why was I unaware of everything? How blind I was to not dig around my inner feelings that would let me know how unhappy I was. I had no words to describe the helplessness I was feeling. I felt disoriented, in those moments. Feeling it all, that is exactly what the chorus is

Song : ‘Lamhaaton’

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