Ehsaas Band’s sensational ‘Baawre’ India tour

Ehsaas band embarks on their first India tour for their hit EP 'Baawre'


Ahmedabad based indie rock band Ehsaas has been creating waves as they complete their India tour in partnership with Hard Rock cafe to promote their latest EP Baawre that has hit the music industry by storm. It has set the stage for a new generation of hybrid genres that evoke the senses and speak to the listener’s taste.

The newest 5-track EP by Ehsaas band includes the songs “Baawre,” “Kal ki Yaadein,” “Mein Haari,” “Ek Anjaani,” and “Kal ki Yaadein Encore.” The independent band’s debut EP establishes its heartfelt and meditative songwriting set toward the acoustic flavours. The EP’s title track, Baawre, is about a man who gives up material possessions and embarks on a trip in the search for self-discovery. The idea and lyrics embody the central idea that the  journey is more important than the  destination.

The India tour and ‘Baawre’

As the band tours through the country, they are met with thousands of eager fans who were enticed with the beautiful and sonorous notes of Baawre. The happiness on the faces of the members of the band display just how much music and their connection with the audience means to them. In conversation with the lead vocalist Viral, he talks of how Ehsaas is a melting pot of various musical influences, thus ranging from Lucky Ali to Pink Floyd. As for their plans for the future, Viral says that Ehsaas will focus on upbeat tracks with vivacious energy and vibe and they plan on releasing their album early next year.

Baawre is my favourite song from the EP as it summarises and depicts the idea behind the EP”

Viral/ Lead Vocalist, Ehsaas Band

The band is looking forward to creating more music that will connect with the hearts of the audience and hope for a wider and more intense reach as they plan further tours. It can definitely be said that this is band with enormous potential and is definitely rising towards becoming one of the biggest modern indie-rock bands in India.

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