Priyani Vani Panditt, an established independent artist, playback singer, and performer, who has delivered songs for Bollywood movies (Players, Ferrari Ki Sawari), is thrilled to announce the release of an extraordinary music video for the highly anticipated single, “Ab Tak Na”.

This visually stunning production showcases the cast and crew’s remarkable talent, captivating the viewers with its unique blend of audio and visual artistry.

The composer and the lyricist of “Ab Tak Na” Ashish Pandit has been a successful lyricist after delivering back-to-back hits in the Bollywood industry. He has been establishing himself in the independent industry as well with songs like “Mahiya”,” Mohan Bin Radha” and his latest composition “Ab Tak Na”.

Directed by ace photographer Jayesh Sheth, the music video for “Ab Tak Na” takes viewers on an immersive journey through a mesmerizing world of sights and sounds. The video encapsulates the essence of the song, delivering a powerful narrative that complements the music perfectly. Featuring breathtaking cinematography, the music video promises to leave audiences awe-struck. Aagaz Akhtar and Spriha’s magnetic presence and exceptional performance bring the song to life, establishing a profound connection with viewers. Audiences can expect to be taken on an emotional and sensory journey, evoking a range of feelings and creating a lasting impression.

Priyani Vani Panditt

The collaboration between Ashish Pandit, Priyani, and Jayesh Sheth has resulted yet again in an exceptional audiovisual experience that showcases the artistic vision of both talents after the success of ‘Mohan Bin Radha’ released in 2021.

The audio for “Ab Tak Na” is available for streaming on all audio platforms along with the music video on Priyani’s YouTube channel.


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