Fullpower Kolkata is hosting its very first show at One8 Commune after a year of being a promotional partner over a year with many of event organisers such as Calcutta is dead , offline ccu , hustlers , unfinished , bpm theory , xplore events , techno therapy etc . It was time for Fullpower to come with full power and launch an unforgettable experience in the city of joy!

After a years wait experience and love for music, the team behind Fullpower Kolkata finally take a leap up to host one of india’s most talented and versitile multi- genre record producers and dj – Karan Kanchan along with a set by the notorious party legends, the Progressive Brothers and to add a cherry on top of the cake, the event also features one of Kolkata’s finest, DJ Rishi Boy!

In conversation with the man behind Fullpower Kolkata- Justin who’s popularly known as Jpac, he seemed excited for their first ever event in Kolkata!. “I am pretty stoked to be hosting this act , hiphop being a very special genre to me personally being a rapper in the city and karan kanchan personally being an inspiration.I have been wanting to host this for a while now and after many ups and downs we are finally here. We have a line up with one of the best artists in the game that perfectly match the whole event and its vibe and it is sure to be a night that Kolkata talks about for a long while!”

This is one event that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Fullpower Kolkata is hosting Karan Kanchan and Progressive Brothers live in the city of joy on the 22nd of March at One8 Commune Kolkata!

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