Kunal Mahato, known popularly as DJ Kunal who started his journey back in 2014 has been making his name in the DJ circuit of the city of joy for quite some time now. Kunal decided to turn away from his family business and concentrate on full time DJing after he completed his schooling from Cathedral High School in Kolkata. A true Kolkatan, his favourite foods are Biryani,Burger and pizza.He has mentioned overtime that a live video on YouTube named “Tiesto” became his main inspiration for choosing this stream. The stage has always been a special place for him, right from his childhood. He has stuck to the name given by his dad and uses it as his stage name.

DJ Kunal

How did you start your career as a DJ?

Since my childhood, I was super passionate about music and while growing up I use to watch live music festivals and when i saw a DJ playing live at a school farewell party, it was that moment when I felt a rush for music and decided to become an artist and a musician

How do you stay up to date with latest music trends?

Well, I follow a lot of international artists and their amazing music with a lot of different style that helps me understand the current trends and I use those trending music in my own way so that i can sound different and make my own mashup and compilations that the crowd can relate with and dance to. My current favourite trending song is “Blinding Lights“ by The Weekend. It is such a powerful song with a great melody!

What do you think of the clubbing scene in India?

Honestly, the clubbing scene after the covid pandemic is rising day by day with amazing concepts, newer festivals and the best part which I’m loving the most is all kinds of music genres that come together and people are enjoying at clubs and celebrating music and a good time.

Who are your favourite DJs and singers?

Currently my favourite djs are Afrojack, Swedish house mafia, Hardwell and I have to say that my favourite singers are The Weekend and Post Malone. I absolutely love their music and their style.

Can you tell us about your partnership with Jägermeister?

The collaboration with Jagermeister is huge and memorable because it’s my first international collab and for any artist this is very special achievement – associating with one of the best liquor brands in the world!

DJ Kunal and his collaboration with Jägermeister

What is your advice for upcoming DJs and people who want to be DJs?

My advice for upcoming djs and those who are passionate about becoming an artist would be consistency and lots of hard work,dedication. I think the most important thing is that they need to come up with something different – a unique style that defines them along with good marketing skills to promote themselves which is more important for artists in this age of social media and trends.

What are the hardships and struggles you faced in your journey?

I always say that struggling is a part of the journey so that you can work more hard and focus on your mistakes and learn from them. It also shows where you are lagging in the platform and the things you need to work on. I still remember when i started djing the competition was so intense that i need to wait many days for the club gigs to showcase my music and skills to all. I am very much blessed to those guys who have supported me a lot in my initial days and I’ll always be thankful to Aman Chopra,Dreams Entertainment,Vinay Chandrawanshi,Chintan Patel, Shubam Kaitha & many more for the immense support they showed and the belief they had in me.

Are you planning any international shows soon?

Yes! I’m planning for an international tour Super soon which got postponed few years back due to covid so this time I want to make it even more huge with one more international collab that I will disclose pretty soon and once the official shoot is done I will be announcing many new things I have planned along with the international tour! I am super excited to share all the new things with my followers and fans who have always believed in me!

It was a great interview with DJ Kunal and the Kolkata scene readily awaits more amazing shows from him to make the city of joy dance to his tunes and his vibrant DJing skills! Catch DJ Kunal live at some of the biggest venues in the city of Joy, Kolkata!


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