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‘Manush’ Movie Review : Superstar Jeet and Jeetu Kamal Deliver a power-packed action thriller


Bengali superstar Jeet’s power-packed thriller “Manush” revolves around Arjun Mukherjee (Jeet), a morally-responsible agent with the Narcotics Control Bureau who fights the illicit drug trade in the city on his own. Even though Arjun is a kind family man at home, certain events cause him to change into the powerful drug lord Victor. The movie explores the circumstances leading up to this significant change in his persona.

Jeet’s preference for portraying characters with multiple facets (such as Chengiz and Raavan) is evident in Manush: Child of Destiny. The film, which was directed by Sanjoy Somadder, tells the story of Arjun, an honorable police officer, who goes after drug dealers, particularly one named Chhota Mannan (Jeetu). But as time passes and his circumstances alter, Arjun finds himself becoming more and more of a victim of society and its conventions. The duality of characters played by Jeet offer an unparalleled insight into the effort and mental preparation needed to create such an immersive paradigm shift of narratives, from a caring family man to a relentless drug lord.

Jeetu Kamal as Mannan

As the devoted NCB officer Arjun and the convincing drug boss Victor, Jeet gives an excellent portrayal with his convincing tilt shift. Jeetu Kamal draws the audience in with his depiction of Mannan’s change from “Chhota” to “Namaji.” His streak of stellar performances continues from the days of Aparajito and follows through to Manush in a commendable way. Saurav Chakraborty’s ‘Akbar’ added a comic relief and stood as a stark contrast to Jeetu’s ‘Mannan’. Actor Susmita Chatterjee plays Kajol, Jeet’s love interest and co-star and delivers a stunning and emotional depiction of a caring partner and friend. Her depiction of the emotional flair left the audience stunned and it can be said for sure that she has a stellar future ahead.

Susmita Chatterjee as Kajol

Director Sanjoy Sommadder’s vision took an interesting shape in the movie and the narrative was greatly complemented by the musical ambience and songs by Savvy, Aneek Dhar, and Ahmed Humayun that seemed to create the right mood for the scenes and provide an interesting cinematic experience. Manush is a must-watch if you’re looking for an emotion-packed action thriller to watch on your nearest screen.


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