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SIESONS releases their much-awaited theme!


On 11th jan 2024 ,the most awaited, most anticipated and most inquisitive event of the siesons,the theme release was finally organized.

The heads and volunteers were exhilarated ,stage was set,and the fun was about to begin.On 11th jan 10AM in the morning theme release was inaugurated with stupendous Indian touch in the form of dhol and tasha and maestros who were dexterous with their work.The volunteers danced on air in elation.The theme release under the grace of friends café who was the title sponsor of the event ,commenced in the quadrangle area.starting of with the dance of operations who were a treat to watch followed by support functions who had the best synchronization and was followed by events who had the best song choices.not to forget ,the core and choreographers who were the heart and soul of this event put out an astounding dance.the onlookers were filled in numbers and finally ,the cream of the crop was about to be unfurled.

The theme was revealed after a loud countdown and slow unfurling with upbeat music followed by enthralling reverberation all around the quadrangle,truly a goosebumps moment isn’t it?the theme was besabriyaan-nayi uchaaiyo ko chune ki which goes on to represent the common life of every young lad who is filled with dreams and ambitions and is endeavouring to achieve rapidly .

All the volunteers and heads are really awaiting for the main event as the event approaches very near.obviously the event was made feasible because of the friends café .it was a great,mesmerizing event as everyone enjoyed the moment with their kith and kin!!!


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