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Khwaab Tu Bana: A Dream-Woven Melody by Tannison Mathews


Khwaab Tu Bana is about a person telling the other that spending time together feels nothing short of a dream. And in acknowledging so, they also confess how the time so spent inspires them to delve into words of poetry. And eventually agreeing that an endearing companionship makes everything look lovely. 

Tannison Mathews is an independent songwriter-producer from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh who has by now released more than 20 songs under his belt. His songs have played over reputed radios like Radio Mirchi, Red Fm, All India Radio, Radio One, Radio City Freedom, OnlyRockRadio, Radio Gupshup and many more. These songs are also playing around at different cafes, malls and outlets – MG Motors, Next Galleria Motors, Fab Cafe to name a few.

In an interview, Tannison talks extensively about his latest project:

This song is purely people’s choice. They made it happen.This song was never in my plans honestly. I have been hired as a writer/creator/producer for artists for a greater part of my career. And initially I made this song for an artist, who preferred some other songs from my roster. So this one stayed on the shelf for a while.  Cut to a friend’s reunion, where I just sang this song for fun sake, and everyone simply loved it. Later convincing me to release the song myself. I had my doubts and tried doing a pilot run at a few of my following gigs. And within a few weeks, I had musician friends sending improv covers of it over WhatsApp, saying how much they love it.

I stalled the rest of my songs in post-production and got started on this song right away. I technically delayed an entire release calendar. Simply because I felt it would be unfair to the amount of love the people are giving to this song. If anything, it’s the support of all of them that made this song getting released. I am hopeful this will open new doors for me.

A National Level Award winner by AIU, Tannison has also performed at the Rockenfield Festival powered by MTV Nescafe Labs. The release Khwaab Tu Bana is his first Hindi release, and he plans to release a few more of them soon.Outside music life, Tannison is an entrepreneur who has multiple ventures of his and also a Forbes Under 30 Listee for his first startup The Optimist Citizen.

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