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New Release ‘Dooriyan’ by Areesh Brown Explores the Emotional Challengesof Long-Distance Love


Areesh BROWN (Chinmay) is a singer and songwriter who creates music to let others realise that they are not alone in experiencing difficulties. His debut song “My Lucky Charm” was released on March 1, 2023. it was a song he composed for someone special who is still a secret to everyone, but he says she gave him a voice he thought he had lost along the way and now he comes up with his latest release, ‘Dooriyan’. The song “Dooriyan” (releasing on September 22, 2023) is centred on a romantic relationship where the two individuals are in a long distance relationship. The person singing the song is conveying their deep love and affection for their partner. The lyrics express a fear or concern that because of the physical separation, there’s a risk of the emotional bond or connection between the two individuals becoming weaker or more distant. The person is worried that the relationship might suffer due to the geographical distance. Despite the challenges posed by the distance, the singer is expressing a strong desire to maintain and strengthen the connection with their loved one. He wants to ensure that the bond between them remains intact and that the love they share continues to flourish. Overall, this song appears to be a heartfelt expression of love and a reflection on the challenges that can arise in long-distance relationships. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining emotional closeness despite physical separation.

Areesh Brown

In an interview, Areesh speaks of the idea and the inspiration behind the song: “I remember the day vividly; it was one of those magical moments in the music studio. My friends and I, a bunch of music enthusiasts, were gathered there. Our talented music producer played a beautiful tune that struck a chord with all of us. As we listened, a word popped into my head – “Dooriyan”. It captured the essence of the music, that feeling of distance in a relationship. Without thinking, I started singing the main hook aloud. I’ve heard many stories of long-distance relationships, and it’s clear that they often face challenges. Sometimes, the individuals involved struggle because they’re physically separated by a significant distance, making it difficult for them to meet and openly share their emotions and feelings. So with “Dooriyan” as our starting point, we crafted a song that spoke of love crossing miles, the ache of being apart, and the determination to stay connected. It wasn’t just our story; it was the story of countless others we’d heard about who faced the same challenges. This song is just a reminder that love could conquer any distance”

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