Indian author Tejaswini Divya has taken the world of poetry by storm with her sensational work ‘Smokes And Whiskey’, a national bestseller that has been steadily climbing the charts. The verses are as important as any lesson an educational institute can teach a person. The intricately woven plot teaches the reader what no academic degree alone can instill in them- the art of vulnerability and courage. It is the 3pm scream that one lets out in the midst of a meeting, or a party, or a get-together. The scream that no one but they alone can hear; but a scream nonetheless.

‘Smokes and Whiskey’ by Tejaswini Divya Naik

Her works create a new dimension in the intricacies of emotions

Smokes and Whiskey is that hopeless lover who got their hearts stamped on for not once, not twice, not thrice but a thousand times over; the one that still holds the audacity to love with a battered and bleeding heart. This book is all of us, including the parts that we’re yet to discover. “It is on you how you take that (heartbreak) and turn it into what you would”, says Ms. Naik who decided to put her broken pieces back together in the form of her first book- Smokes And Whiskey- that was to break several Amazon records.

“It is both a prequel and a sequel to Smokes And Whiskey in all it’s senses.”

The book screams strength, enthusiasm, and confidence all the while exploring the delicate subject of loss.With it’s magnificent and intricate illustrations, this one is a gem, surprisingly undiscovered by many. Fortunately for all of us, Naik’s journey does not end here and she already has the second book lined up. “It is both a prequel and a sequel to Smokes And Whiskey in all it’s senses.”Although no specific release date has been announced as of yet, the poet is confident that readers would need a box of tissues with them because “they are not ready for what is to come.”

Take a deep breath, hold your head up high and go pick the first book up in the meantime. Turn the pages, feel the words engraved, and then ask yourself if you are still the same person you were before getting your hands on this one. Get your copy of ‘Smokes and Whiskey’ today, on Amazon and Flipkart and be a part of this wonderful adventure!


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