Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora™ is a first-person, action-adventure game set in the open world of the neverbefore-seen Western Frontier of Pandora. Abducted by the human militaristic corporation known as the RDA, you, a Na’vi, were trained and molded to serve their purpose. Fifteen years later, you are free, but find yourself a stranger in your birthplace. Reconnect with your lost heritage, discover what it truly means to be Na’vi, and join other clans to protect Pandora from the RDA. The game is set to release on the 7th of December and gamers across the world are eagerly waiting for this title to come to their nearest gaming devices.

Abducted by the human militaristic corporation known as the RDA, the player, a Na’vi child, is trained and molded to serve their purpose. Following the Battle of the Hallelujah Mountains, you are then put into emergency cryosleep as the RDA evacuates Pandora. You awake 15 years later in an abandoned facility and step onto Pandora, a stranger in your birthplace. You soon learn that the RDA is back, more dangerous than ever, and is once again threatening the flourishing ecosystems of Pandora and its clans.

  • EXPLORE A WORLD OF WONDER AND DANGER Unfold the epic wonders of the Western Frontier – a never-before-seen continent of Pandora. Journey throughbeautiful yet unpredictable open world regions, where lowering your guard can lead to deadly mistakes.
  • BECOME NA’VI Harness your incredible strength and agility while customizing your character; crafting new gear and upgradingskills and weapons to fit your playstyle.
  • SOAR THE SKIES Bond with your own personal banshee that will give you an edge in aerial combat and can be used for travelingacross the vast Western Frontier.
  • MASTER MULTIPLE COMBAT STYLES Fight off the dangers of Pandora as you embrace the precision of traditional Na’vi weapons, including your bowand spear-thrower, or leverage your human training with more destructive weapons, such as an assault rifle or a shotgun
  • SHARE YOUR ADVENTURE IN FULL CAMPAIGN CO-OP Play the full story campaign in single-player or with a friend online in two player co-op
  • AN IMMERSIVE NEW-GEN EXPERIENCE Exclusively developed to maximize the power of new-gen consoles and PC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will push the limits of immersion with extraordinary level of detail, rendering, density, and immersive audio.

Created in collaboration with Disney and James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, players will experience a first-person action-adventure game exclusively developed to maximize the power of new-gen consoles and PC. Set after the events of the first Avatar film, and they will embark on a journey across the Western Frontier, a never-before-seen continent of Pandora, as you join other Na’vi clans to protect Pandora from the formidable forces of the RDA.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developers: Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio / Düsseldorf / Shanghai / Reflections /
Leamington / Kyiv / Toronto / Montpellier
Platforms: PlayStation®5 / Xbox Series X|S / PC / Luna
Release: 2023
Genre:Open World First-Person Action-Adventure
Website: avatarfrontiersofpandora.com


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